Partisan Favorites



They’re best sellers in our shop and now you can get them all in one box.  Each box contains 200g of:

Red Wine Farmer – 

Cows Milk
Traditional Rennet

Walo Von Mühlenen, the affineur creator of this cheese is regarded in the cheese community as something of a genius. This cheese perfectly illustrates why. He takes an unpasteurised semi-hard cows milk cheese – like a Gruyere – from the east of Switzerland and matures it in his own cellars for approximately 10 months. During this time the cheese is repeatedly washed in red wine to introduce complex, savoury and pungent aromas into this wonderful alpine cheese.

Gorgonzola Dolce – 

Cows Milk
Traditional Rennet

A beautifully smooth, creamy and unctiuous Italian blue. This is Partisan’s top selling cheese. Unlike the older Piccante version of this cheese, the Dolce is a spoonable texture which means that you just get the perfectly soft interior of the cheese, no rind. Be careful, its addictive!


Tunworth – Currently out of stock due to COVID-19, We will substitute for an equally delicious British soft cheese

Cows Milk
Traditional Rennet

A Camembert style hand made in Hampshire by Stacey Hedges and her team. A rich earthy mushroom like aroma with a sweet and nutty flavour combine to make this a truly remarkable cheese. A multi award winning product described by Raymond Blanc as the best Camembert in the world – that has got to hurt a French chef to admit.


Wyngaard Goat Gouda – 

Goats Milk
Vegetarian Rennet

A full creamy tasting goats cheese with hints of walunt nut and creme fraiche on the finish. A world Champion awarded goats cheese in 2016

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